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Posted on 12/04/2022
How to choose the best homeowners insurance
Choosing the best homeowners insurance can seem like a...
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Posted on 11/27/2022
Brighten any room with these 3 dark room ideas
Light can bring depth, ambience and comfort to any room. Brighter rooms can lend to a plethora of innovative design ideas and tend to liven the mood among house members. However, many homeowners worry that they’ll need to add windows, light fixtures or other intrusive methods of light to their dark rooms to get an ounce of extra...
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Posted on 11/20/2022
Tips for Designing a Dining Room Layout
Your dining room should provide a comfortable and pleasant place to enjoy meals and spend time with family and friends. When you’re building a custom home, it’s important to know how to choose the best layout for this room. A poorly designed dining room could cause you to get much less use out of this room over the...
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Posted on 11/13/2022
First-Time Homebuyers Explained
“First-time homebuyer” is a commonly used term in all areas of real estate. But what exactly is a first-time homebuyer? Here are the specific factors that qualify somebody as a first-time homebuyer and why they are important: Who Qualifies as a First-Time Homebuyer? As suggested by the name, a first-time homebuyer is any person who is purchasing their...
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Posted on 11/12/2022
8 Mayflower Parkway, Westport, CT 06880 now has a new price of $3,798,000!
F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald may not have visited for cocktails when they lived down the road, but if they could; they certainly would now! Restored to its 1920s glory by multiple HOBI award winning builder CCO Habitats; this home will make you smile. Hearkening back to the roaring twenties, we have kept the charm, the whimsy, the jazz age feel, but updated the home to today's luxury living standards & beyond. If you're looking for a typical new construction home; this is not for you. If you're looking for unique and eclectic; this could well be your dream home. Simply imagine a vintage beach cottage in the Hamptons. The flow makes...
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Posted on 11/11/2022
10 Cranbury Road, Westport, CT 06880 is now new to the market!
Another new construction home from multiple HOBI award winning builder CCO Habitats!! As always, it's a bit different than any of our previous homes - why would you want a house identical to that of your best friends? You're unique - your home should be too! This one has a more modern vibe to it, with the striking glass stairwells and minimalist kitchen. You have your choice of rooms for home offices, but be prepared to claim the private second floor suite for yourself before someone else does - it's a seriously cool space, complete with wet bar and powder room. The finished lower level is a walk out, making it an easy choice for a...
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Posted on 11/06/2022
A homeowner's guide to speaker systems
For homeowners who love to share their favorite media,...
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Posted on 10/30/2022
How to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes
If you live in a climate with freezing temperatures, it's important to protect your pipes. Water freezing inside pipes can cause them to rupture, leading to expensive leaks and even flooding. Unfortunately, since water pipes are all hidden away, it's easy to forget they're at risk of freezing. Here are some tips for simple ways to prevent your...
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Posted on 10/23/2022
Real estate frauds & scams to be aware of
Real estate transactions involve large amounts of money...
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Posted on 10/16/2022
Keep your design timeless: Kitchen cabinet trends to avoid
If you’re trying to keep your home’s style as timeless as possible, it might help to know which kitchen cabinet trends to avoid. The kitchen is one of the most frequently updated or renovated rooms of the home, which might mean your last update relied on trends that have fallen behind. Whether you intend to sell your home...
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Posted on 10/16/2022
Budget room decorator ideas: How to design like a professional without the price
With the right ideas, you can make budget room decoration worthy of a professional. Save your hard-earned money on simple DIY solutions rather than hiring an interior designer, and you'll end up with a design all your own. If you want to achieve room decor befitting an expert, here are some ideas to inspire you: Update existing furniture...
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Posted on 10/09/2022
A guide to how crop insurance works
Local crops provide food and resources. Crops have...
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